So, I had dramas with these *** I'm pretty sure in most countries that the consumer law is that you can not mislead the consumer even if it's through miniscule-difficult-to-find print. The business must state all catches clearly in the main advertisement.

STEP 1 - Phone and talk to your bank and tell them that you have been misled by pushplay.com. Tell them about how you researched on the internet and discovered they have ripped off and scammed a lot of people. It's apparent that they are a scam. Also, point out how impossible it is to contact them to speak to them or cancel anything.

- Describe your circumstance. (eg: they misled you, they never even had the movie etc etc...)

STEP 2 - allow the bank to cancel that card-number to put a stop to Pushplay.com automatically taking money from your account.

(yes, you will then have to go through and re-organize any other automatic payments you have agreed to be debited from that account, and yes you will have to wait around 3 days for another replacement card to be issued, but it is worth it!)

STEP 3 - Tell the bank you would like to open a dispute with this company. The dispute may take up to 45 days, (that's what my bank told me anyways, but it all went through in less amount of time.)

(STEP 4- *hopefully! - (it worked for me) - you will then go and log in to your bank at a later date and notice a whole bunch of + transactions saying something like "Adjust Purchase ADJUSTMENT TO ACCOUNT --> blahblah" .

STEP 5 - Smile triumphantly that you have managed to get your money back.

STEP 5 - give the mental-birdie to the pushplay.com jerks.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Brilliant! - worth a shot I reckon.

Have been really frustrated with these people and been at loss with what to do.


- did you mean to write a "step 6" at the end, ...or I guess it doesn't matter... the triumphant smile goes well with a mental-birdie, haha


Brilliant! - worth a shot, I reckon.

(p.s - did you mean to write step 5 at the end there?

- or is the triumphant smile meant to be at same time as mental birdie? )


Looks like you posted twice? , so I'll just reply to this one.

Yes, I did intend on a step 6, but it's late and I messed up. It happens sometimes, haha, but very true, mental-birdies go very well with triumphant smiles, "gloaty-gloat-gloat!"

Hopefully the "screw- pushplay" - plan helps your situation.

(I'm so sick of the internet-cons! )

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