Chatswood, New South Wales

I recently joined the PushPlay (an online movie rental where you can watch movies without downloading them). They have a 5 day free trial which they say you can cancel anytime without being charged.

Once I am registered, the movie selections are disappointing. I couldn't find any movies I actually recognise. The ones I tried to watch were again disappointing in story line and quality.

When I cancelled the free trial (because they will continue charging you monthly otherwise) PushPlay actually charge a fee to cancel the trial online (which is only US$0.99 but they did not make that clear in the signing up process). So not worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pushplay Free Trial.

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I am really pissed off this is not good! I have not used this even once nor agree with their membership but they charged my account!

Like what? Now my problem is how to disconnect with them!


Let us know how you cancelled ..what number you rang. Thanks


How to cancel online or what number to call to cancel?


I detest these rip off companies. I paid the 99 and glad to see the back of them. I'll be much more careful in the future.

Disappointed of UK.



down vote i need an answer quieckly because this is realy important to me!!! there is a site for watching movies called "push play".

this site alows users to watch movies online. for register i had to enter a credit card because they said that it's only free trial and they won't fee me at all. i don't have a credit card so i found samples of test credit cards and i entered this credit card: 5500 0000 0000 0004. 5 minutes later i found out that this site is a scam and it will fee me 32$ per month.

can someone plz tell me if those test credit cards are actually belongs to someone and by mistake he will have to pay that amount of money because of me? i need answer quickley


maybe? :x