you took money out of my bank account without my permission and I want it back. it was $52-10 the reference number is 1-87*-800-****. I didn't use the thing because I didn't like the selection I was given I consider this to be highly irregular as I only sighed up for a sample to see if I liked it and I didn't.

my name is carol McMillan my email is cjmcm2@***.com

my card number is 4837 41** **91 8803 my bank is the kiwi bank in lower hutt wellington new Zealand I will expect to have my $52-10 returned to my bank account forthwith and then I do not wish to here from you again and you are not to take any money out of my account again if necessary I am prepared to take the matter further.

as I am a pensioner I cant afford to give out this amount of money *** nilly.

yours sincerely c j mcmillan

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Waiau Pa, Auckland

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Ever heard of identity theft? It's dangerous and *** advertising so much personal information.

You wouldn't hand out your credit card to a complete stranger in the street, so why do it online for anyone in the world to see and take advantage of? Cyber criminals would love you!


I don't think posting your name, CC number, and bank online is smart. Edit the review to remove them.

Cancel your credit card and check with your bank for unexpected transactions. I'd be surprised if no one has stolen money from you already.

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