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Main address: 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400 19808 Wilmington DE
00 1 (514) 448-6340, , http://support.pushplay.com/front/contact
  • 10+1 mobile complaints
  • $473 claimed losses
  • $43 average
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  • From mobile
  • PushPlay
  • Jul 22
  • by anonymous
  • #513238

My friends and i were so interested in watching a movie we signed up thinking it was safe but then realised it wasnt but cancelled straight away how do i know if theyll continue to take money out of my account Add comment


  • Jun 30
  • Media
  • Nutrisystem Program
  • 82

i was looking for movie series that i really want to watch and ive found it then it can inly be played after u signed up to pushplay.com then when ive already registered... the movie i was looking wasnt available !!!!! i immediately cancel it but it charges me .99... PUSHPLAY.COM is not a good site to watch movies.. BTW, movies are OLD and not popular there. not a good website to watch movies... Read more

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  • Dec 22, 2013
  • Television/ Radio
  • Port Glasgow, Scotland
  • Credit Card Charges
  • 98

Every month push play steal money from my credit card without my permission and do not allow me to unsubscribe from something I didn't subscribe to in the first place. This company are a bunch of crooks STAY AWAY from them. Do not put your details in as there is no such thing as a free trial. As I cannot stop these dirty thieving bastards stealing from my card I have got to go through the... Read more

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  • Jul 21, 2013
  • Entertainment
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 1
  • 1
  • 155
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I am from Singapore and my monthly credit card is being charged without my authorization. Every week my card is being reduced in funds of USD$39.90 and I'm unable to end transactions . I am really disappointment and unhappy for suffering the amount of loss each month without even signing up or entering the site . Since September 2012 with all the charged evidence of losing my monthly hard earn... Read more

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  • Jul 10, 2013
  • Entertainment
  • Greenville, North Carolina
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 38

My credit card is being charged without my authorization. Every week my card is being reduced in funds and I'm unable to end transactions without cancellation of my card wich will. Take me having to deal without any money for several weeks waiting on a new card to be sent to me wich I cannot afford. Therefore I have been put in a situation to suffer this regular loss of funds due to the fact of... Read more

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  • Jan 20, 2013
  • Entertainment
  • Brisbane, Queensland
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 93

I have been charge for something I never sighned up for that is Pushplay the charge was for $39 I wish this to be put back in my account. I am an aged pensioner and I cannot afford this money just look for Kathleen Bailey Brisbane Queensland my bank account number is as follows bsb124062 account nuber 90562822 my grandson stayed with me for 2 years he always used my computer if you have got my... Read more

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  • Sep 19, 2011
  • Entertainment
  • Midland, Texas
  • Movie Streaming
  • 105

When you singup for this free trail service movies streaming wrong. The movies are older than me and I'm pretty old. When you cancel your free trial you dont get to talk to a person and you can't find any contact information in order to get a refund. This is payer be ware in capital letters. The phone number provided the recording is so bad you bairly can hear the recording so good luck on... Read more

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  • Aug 26, 2011
  • Entertainment
  • San Jose, California
  • Free Movies
  • 108

Pushplay.com said they needed my credit card to verify I was a US citizen. Once I entered it they offered me a free 5-day account. I chose not to sign up because I knew I might forget to cancel. However, the following day I found a charge of $1 on my account. And I didn't sign up for ANYTHING. This is a great scam for them. Most people will not bother to report or try to collect the $1 back.... Read more

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  • Jun 27, 2011
  • Entertainment
  • Berea, Kentucky
  • Online Video Streaming
  • 52

Push play is a scam.Period. $50 is a significant amount of money and i would expect them to tell me that my free trial was about to be over and that they were going to bill my account. they never warned me. When i called, the prompt message was like, "if you want to inquire why your account was billed $49.95...push 2." They already knew that's the only thing a person calls to talk about.... Read more

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  • Jan 26, 2011
  • Entertainment
  • Chatswood, New South Wales
  • Online Movie Screening
  • 2
  • 2
  • 323

I recently joined the PushPlay (an online movie rental where you can watch movies without downloading them). They have a 5 day free trial which they say you can cancel anytime without being charged. Once I am registered, the movie selections are disappointing. I couldn't find any movies I actually recognise. The ones I tried to watch were again disappointing in story line and quality. When I... Read more

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